About Shikharji

Parasnath hill which is 4431 ft height is the highest mountain south of the Himalayas . It is located at the latitude of 23 degree ,9 minutes North and longitude of 86 degree ,3 minutes East. It was made accessible since the construction of a road in 1838 .Significantly the oldest of the Jain temple appears to date only from AD. 1775

The famous Parasnath hill is the highest peak of Jharkhand having altitude of 4431 feet above the sea-level. Giridih District was carved out from Hazaribagh District on 4th December, 1972. Parasnath is the “Marang Buru “or hill deity of the Santhal of Hazaribagh, Manbhum, Bankura and Santhal Parganas Since Parasnath has been declared as a wild life sanctuary District administration and Forest official are trying to persuade the local tribe to give up their religious hunt.

Following are temples at Shikharji. The actual temples are not numbered; hence there may be minor differences in the numbering of temples in various guidebooks and literature. The following numbering is based on the guidance provided by the local Shikharji resident supervisor.

1. Shri Gautam Swami (Ghandhar)

2. Shri Kunthunath Prabhu (17th Tirthankar)

3. Shashvat Jin Shri Rishbhanan Prabhu

4. Shashvat Jin Chandranan Prahbu

5. Shri Naminath Prabhu (21st Tirthankar)

6. Shri Arnath Prahbu (18th Tirthankar)

7. Shri Mallinath Prabhu (19th Tirthankar)

8. Shri Shreyansnath Prabhu (11th Tirthankar)

9. Shri Suvidhinath Prabhu (9th Tirthankar)

10. Shri Padam Prabhu (6th Tirthankar)

11. Shri Munisuvrat Prabhu (20th Tirthankar)

12. Shri Chandrah Prabhu (8th Tirthankar)

13. Shri Adinath Prabhu (1st Tirthankar)

14. Shri Anantnath Prabhu (14th Tirthankar)

15. Shri Sheetalnath Prabhu (10th Tirthankar)

16. Shri Sambhavnath Prabhu ( 3rd Tirthankar)

17. Shri Vasupujya Prabhu (12th Tirthankar)

18. Shri Abhinandan Prabhu ( 4th Tirthankar)

19. Shri Shubh Swami Ghandhar

20. Jal Mandir

21. Shri Dharamnath Prabhu (15th Tirthankar)

22. ShashvatJin Shri Vardhman Prabhu

23. ShashvatJin Shri Varishen Prabhu

24. Shri Sumatinath Prabhu (5th Tirthankar)

25. Shri Shantinath Prabhu (16th Tirthankar)

26. Shri Mahavir Prabhu (24th Tirthankar)

27. Shri SuParshavnath Prabhu (7th Tirthankar)

28. Shri Vimalnath Prabhu (13th Tirthankar)

29. Shri Ajitnath Prabhu (2nd Tirthankar)

30. Shri Neminath Prabhu (22nd Tirthankar)

31. Shri Parshavnath Prabhu (23rd Tirthankar)