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A village in the Jamui District situated about five miles west of Somaria and four miles south of Sikandara. It contains a large Jain temple and dharamshala built in 1857 by Raj Dhanpat singh Bahadur of Murshidabad for the benefit of Jain pilgrims, who visit some places in the adjacent hills. The nearest are three mikes south of Lachhaur and are marked “Muth Boodhroop” and “Muth Purusnath” on the Indian atlas sheet. They are two small shrines picturesquely situated in the valley between two parallel ranges of hills. In each of these shrines is a small statue of Mahavira, one of which dates back to Sambat 1505, while the other appears to be older. The temples themselves, however, are of recent date. Some Jains hold Lachhaur to be the birth place of Mahavir Swami, the 24th Tirthankar of the Jains.



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